In our work, we bet on cooperation. The strength of our company are people – their knowledge, passion, and experience.

Budynek Centrali I-BS.pl w Stalowej Woli

In our work, we bet on cooperation. The strength of our company are people – their knowledge, passion, and experience.

For 25 years we have been a proven business partner in the banking, finance, government, and industry sectors.

We support enterprise business processes based on monetisation and automation. In response to the urgent need for proper organisation of data in the enterprise, we have created QUANT – a low-code BPM-class platform responsible for digitization and automation of business processes, which reduces the risk of encountering potential problems in the creation and modification of these processes. Thanks to our platform, we make sense of data and transform it into profit, increasing the competitiveness and position of the company on the market.

We produce software for the cooperative banking sector, integrate IT systems, build and equip our clients’ server rooms. Our portfolio is made up of complete, functional tools and applications offering effective work based around the latest and most advanced IT technologies available on the market

For over 10 years, our IBSENERGIA department has been providing Green Energy solutions. We offer a comprehensive design and implementation service for photovoltaic, heat pump, and air conditioning installations. Thanks to wise and well thought out choices, we support companies in achieving energy independence by reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The I-BS.pl team consists of specialists with over 10 years of experience in renewable energy solutions. We have practical knowledge in the selection, implementation, and operation of modern photovoltaic and heat pump systems for new buildings, as well as the modernization of older ones. Our solutions are characterised by one thing: the perfection of selection and execution, which all installations have in common, regardless of the model chosen. Take advantage of our experience and be ready to operate in an unstable energy market!

What sets us apart?

Modern solutions

Our proprietary applications offer modern and functional solutions allowing for efficient and effective working, based around safe and stable technologies.

Specialist knowledge

We have many years of experience and qualifications acquired while creating applications for our partners from the banking and business sectors.

Advanced technologies

Our solutions employ the latest and most advanced technologies available on the market, while complying with standards, as well as legal and security considerations.

Customised solutions

We are open to the individual, diverse needs of our Clients in the fields of modern software services and green energy.

Our custom software:

QUANT – flexible low-code platform for data creation and management.

Strażnik+ – system for security, organisation and network access control..

EBO Bank Online – internet banking.

EBO Mobile PRO – internet banking.

PI SWIB – integration platform for management staff

AML EZiRO – analysis and reporting for anti-money laundering.

Authenticator – enterprise protection against unauthorised access.

Our Business Partners