Take management to the next level

The Analysis and Reports module combines business data (also from multiple sources), which, combined with clear visualisations, provides an excellent tool to support business processes.

QUANT AR creates a balance between people, processes, and technology in order to best utilise the potential inherent in data, thus increasing the competitiveness and market position of the company.

Create a system tailor-made
for your needs

Managing a business is not that complicated if we have the right tools for the job. Moreover, a business needs up-to-date data to make good and wise decisions. Ideas and creative strategies are great, but without reliable and concrete data.

This is possible with the QUANT AR – Analysis and Reports module, which explores data at any level – from an aggregated business overview to the level of a single transaction.

This is because QUANT AR combines data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth, enabling immediate and consistent reporting. With such a solution, decisions are based on up-to-date data, and the possibility of an error is reduced to a minimum. All this, combined with clear visualizations and reports will let you take your business management to the next level with QUANT AR.

The QUANT AR module is:

One Source of Truth.

Flexibility through data association.

Live KPI for everybody.

Generator of analyzes and reports based on data updated in real time.

Custom dashboards.

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