PI SWIB - Integration Platform for business

What challenges does a modern bank face in times of constant economic and legal change? Is it worth it to expand the budget for expenditure on systems which do not bring us profits?

When a bank is faced with the need to change e-banking to modern solutions, it brings with it economic justification, but also creates opportunities to attract customers and build up the image of a modern cooperative bank and a strong competitor in commercial area. Currently, a system is needed to streamline the workflow of the bank, minimizing the risk of error, eliminate paper document circulation, saving employees time, and at the same time increasing data security – in one word, you have to look for savings by implementation of modern work systems.

How to create a system that will meet these requirements? You need to know the problems of modern financial institutions, to prepare a new innovative solution. Among the major time and budget wasters we can distinguish: log on to multiple applications with separate logins, refresh the passwords for various applications in different time periods, tons of documents and printed paper (how much money do you spend on a paper?), document problems in the company, apps that don’t really help at work (difficult to use or does not meet your needs).

Integration platform SWIB provided by I-BS.PL from Stalowa Wola is the system which is based on bus of data and is designed to integrate many key processes for the Bank. The system was created jointly with financial institutions.

PI SWIB is a platform supporting the management, sales, contacts, information, documents, and performing tasks related to analysis and reporting. The versatility of the system perfectly fits into the broad spectrum of financial institutions, companies and budgets.

The system is a central place to aggregate all relevant information about the client, its documents, concluded contracts, available offers that meet the criteria for a particular type of client, which will guarantee access to up-to-date and consistent data.

Makes it easy to manage your contacts database, allows easy data collection and quick access to customer information. Filtering and search mechanisms allow to quickly get to the needed information and carefully select a target group, making it possible for better adaptation of measures up to individuals.

We know the needs of our customers and we know that every company has a different needs. With this in mind, we have created the system that can be freely configured. Thanks to the modular build each recipient can deploy a tailor-made solution. PI SWIB gives the ability to quickly respond to the needs of the market.

Currently, Integration Platform PI SWIB offers following modules


Multiple function module for banks. In Poland, each bank have to send reports to the KIR in the following areas:
• Inquiries about debtors bank accounts
• Inquiries for testator accounts
• Overseer of KIR – electronic handling of enforcement bodies


Complete and adapted to the Banks module for handling activities related to the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act.


Module to generate statements and their distribution: direct and by e-mail. The module allows you to define the appearance of the statements and the parameters from which they are generated.

pattern card

A solution for assigning client signature patterns to banking products. It allows to quickly and efficiently verify the authenticity of client’s signature.


This is a module for full management of bank records. It allows to prepare templates for later generation of signed contracts with the customer. In addition, it allows to create all internal documents circulation: instructions, regulations, fees and commissions table.
Dynamic fields take all the necessary customer and product data from the files, allowing to quickly and safely generate all of documents.

sprzedaż ratalna_EN

The bank may place a commercial credit line at any point of sale. All processing is done online in an internet browser environment. Customers without a visit to the bank have access to use the bank installment system.

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